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Tribocorrosion: Fundamentals, Methods, and Materials Arpith Siddaiah Editor


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Tribocorrosion: Fundamentals, Methods, and Materials provides a balanced coverage of recent advancements in both experimental and computational areas of tribocorrosion, covering the basic concepts of tribology and electrochemistry, as well as testing set-ups, protocols, electrochemical methods, and more. It outlines experimental methods, demonstrating the different effects of material loss due to mechanical and electrochemical actions and looks at their effects in applied automotive, aerospace and biomedical settings. Standard testing protocols, tribocorrosion mechanisms in sliding contacts, and modeling and simulation techniques are all covered at length, as is bio-tribocorrosion and the best ways to prevent it. Provides a complete overview of tribocorrosion testing, experimentation and modeling methods that in turn empower safer, environmentally-friendlier and cost-saving applications Balances experimental and computational methods, thus encouraging readers to define and develop experimental and investigative techniques specific to their tribo-system of interest Covers tribocorrosion behavior in passive and non-passive metals and alloys, coatings, modified surfaces, metal matrix composites, and more


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