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Nissan 300ZX/350Z The Z-car Story Brian Long Author


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The Datsun 240Z was a landmark in automotive history – some say the Japanese E-Type Jaguar – and by the time the first generation of Z-cars came to an end in 1978, everyone around the world knew the name Datsun and that the company was serious about sports cars. Here’s the full story of the later Z cars from the 1998 300ZX through to the dynamic new 350Z of 2003. Enthusiasm runs high for the Z cars. Unlike the 240Z and 260Z, which were pure sports cars, the 280ZX represented a new line of Grand Tourers. Two generations of 300ZX followed, the last being a true supercar with state-of-the-art engineering features. The 350Z returns the Z car to a purer, rawer sports car form but with very sophisticated technology allied to terrific performance. The book contains a great deal of new information for enthusiasts in the West, as home market Japanese models have been covered in great detail. Photographs and other illustrations have been sourced almost exclusively from the factory, so those owners searching for originality are well catered for.


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