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Hunt For The Blower Bentley Kevin Gosselin Author


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THE CAR – Bentley serial number SM 3912 was a Phillips bodied two-seat DHC on a supercharged 4.5 litre chassis. The facts are clear. It was bought new by Lord Brougham & Vaux. And it was last heard of in 1939. THE DISAPPEARANCE -Stephan Sidlow, senior member of the Air Raid Prevention Corps, sworn to protect England, acquires Blower SM 3912 just as Britain comes under attack from Germany. He undoubtedly uses the Blower for good to cross the island nation at break neck speed and shore up her defenses. But as the war progresses, Stephan and the Blower might actually be some of England’s most dangerous adversaries. THE HUNT – When new information regarding SM 3912 comes to light, automotive archaeologist Faston Hanks is cajoled off vacation and onto the case of finding the missing Blower Bentley. The Blower proves elusive and the hunt goes on for years. Until millions of dollars are on the line and Faston needs to find SM 3912 to foil one of the boldest crimes ever attempted in the rarified world of high-end car collectors. Bringing to life the final moments of the Blower in 1944 and the present day attempt to find it, Hunt for the Blower Bentley richly imagines the fate of the only one of the fifty Blower Bentleys built that is unaccounted for. There is no other character in fiction like Faston Hanks. If you love cars and history, you’ll find Faston an engaging person to spend time with. And you will definitely find yourself wishing to be at his side as he tracks down the world’s most desirable cars.


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