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How to build your own Supercar: The Essential Manual Brian Thompson Author


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Using the author’s one off mid-engined sports car as the featured build, this book is written to encourage and inspire you with your own automotive dreams. It describes the unique inexpensive ideas and techniques that were combined to achieve impressive results and lift the project car from average to outstanding. All the ideas can be adapted to solve your own problems and meet your own particular requirements. The book focuses mainly on fibreglass moulding and modification, including the manufacture of a stylish rear wing spoiler from a basic wooden mould to the construction of a pair of gull wing doors using the same method. It does not neglect other aspects of car building, with other sections covering such things as the vacuum forming of a pair of headlight fairings, how to ensure systems such as twin fuel tanks and mid-engined gear linkages work as intended and how the exhaust system was made. The final chapter lifts the lid on how to make a professional-looking leather trimmed interior. Two hundred and fifty detailed photographs, sectional views and exploded diagrams ensure maximum clarity.


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