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Handbook of Usability and User-Experience: Research and Case Studies Marcelo M. Soares Editor


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This volume of the Handbook of Usability and User Experience (UX) presents research and case studies used to design products, systems and environments with good usability and consequent acceptance, pleasure in use, good user experience, and understanding of human interaction issues with products and systems for their improvement. The book presents concepts and perspectives of UX; it also discusses methods and tools that use requirements analysis activity elicitation, recording, and analysis to guarantee a good user experience. In addition, it introduces usability and UX in the automotive industry, usability and UX in a digital interface, game design and digital media, usability and UX in fashion design, and some case studies on usability and UX in various contexts in product design. We hope that this second volume will be helpful to a larger number of professionals, students and practitioners who strive to incorporate usability and UX principles and knowledge in a variety of applications. We trust that the knowledge presented in this volume will ultimately lead to an increased appreciation of the benefits of usability and incorporate the principles of usability and UX knowledge to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of everyday consumer products, systems, and environments.


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