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ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN SHARED FLEETS: Mobility Management, Business Models, and Decision Support Systems Kenan Degirmenci Editor


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The electrification of shared fleets offers numerous benefits, including the reduction of local emissions of pollutants, which leads to ecological improvements such as the improvement of air quality. Electric Vehicles in Shared Fleets considers a holistic concept for a socio-technical system with a focus on three core areas: integrated mobility solutions, business models for economic viability, and information systems that support decision-making for the successful implementation and operation of electric vehicles in shared fleets.In this book, we examine different aspects within these areas including multimodal mobility, grid integration of electric vehicles, shared autonomous electric vehicle services, relocation strategies in shared fleets, and the challenge of battery life of electric vehicles. Insights into the future of transport are provided, which is predicted to be shared, autonomous, and electric. This will require the expansion of the charging infrastructure to provide adequate premises for the electrification of transportation and to create market demand.Contents: IntroductionMobility Management and Electrification of Shared Fleets (Thomas M Cerbe):Vehicle Electrification in Carsharing and Transportation Network Company (TNC) Fleets: Current and Future Trends (Susan Shaheen and Emily Farrar)Technology and Challenges with Fleet Grid Integration (Bernd Engel, Gian-Luca Di Modica, Julia Gartner, Olga Pronobis and Jonas Wussow)The Role of Shared Fleets in Multimodal Mobility Solutions: Service Diversity, Infrastructure, and Customer Preferences (Sophia von Berg and Martin Randelhoff)Business Model Management in Electrified Shared Fleets (Wolfgang E Pfau):Converging Sectors: Business Model Management within the Multimodal E-Carsharing Market (Sebastian Alexander Mezger)Business Model Analysis and a Life Cycle Oriented Portfolio Approach for the Management of Value-Added Services on the Example of Electric and Autonomous Carsharing (Bernhard Dietz)Business Model Development for Autonomous Electric Vehicles in Shared Fleets in Multinational Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) (Lutz Göcke and Philip Meier)Business Model Change through Autonomous Shared Fleets for Transportation and Logistic Businesses (Lucas Schubert, Katharina Trapp and Anthony B Wandt)Decision Support Systems for Optimizing Shared Electric Vehicles:Station-Based Electric Carsharing: A Decision Support System for Network Generation (Marc-Oliver Sonneberg and Michael H Breitner)Anatomy of Vehicle Relocation Problems in (E-)Carsharing (Alfred Benedikt Brendel and Lutz M Kolbe)Adapting User-Based Relocation for E-Carsharing (Sascha Lichtenberg, Alfred Benedikt Brendel and Lutz M Kolbe)Applying Data Reduction Methods to Battery Degradation Prediction Models for Electric Vehicles (Philipp Staudt, Jennifer Schoch and Thomas Setzer)Readership: Relevant for a diverse target audience including undergraduates and postgraduates, early career researchers, lecturers, and practitioners. For undergraduates and postgraduates, the book serves as a guideline for students who are writing their bachelor and master theses with a focus on the topic of electric vehicles in shared fleets. Early career researchers can use the book as a reference for journal and conference submission preparations in this field of research, and lecturers can use the book on courses. Will also be of interest to practitioners from the automotive manufacturing industry, carsharing operators, or energy companies interested in the distribution of charging stations and allocation of energy for electric vehicles. The book might also be helpful for policymakers for the development of regulatory aspects to incentivize electric vehicles in shared fleets for companies and customers.


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