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E-Mobility: A New Era in Automotive Technology M. Kathiresh Editor


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The book provides easy interpretable explanations for the key technologies involved in Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The authors discuss the various electrical machines, drives, and controls used in EV and HEV. The book provides a detailed coverage of Regenerative Braking Systems used in EV and HEV. The book also illustrates the battery technology and battery management systems in EV and HEV. This book is intended for academicians, researchers and industrialists. In addition, this book has the following featuresDiscusses the various Economic and Environmental Impact of Electric and Hybrid Electric VehiclesDiscusses the role of Artificial Intelligence in Electric / Hybrid Electric VehiclesIllustrates the concept of Vehicle to Grid Technology and the smart charging station infrastructure and issues involved in the sameElucidates the concept of Internet of VehiclesPresents the latest research and applications in alternate energy vehicles


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