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Art 101 Scratch and Color Art Set, Assorted Colors, 6/Carton (68070)


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Art 101 Scratch and Color art set comes with 70 pieces in a fun, portable carrying case. This set features a variety of fun scratch art activities, including five 10″ by 10″ rainbow scratch sheets and five 10″ by 10″ glitter scratch sheets, each with a trendy pattern curated by the design team to provide hours of creative fun. Use your scratch tool to trace the patterns and reveal fun colors or sparkly backgrounds. Your set also includes five blank rainbows 10″ by 10″ scratch sheets to create your own patterns or scratch art designs. Use the included two stencils to trace moons, stars, and flowers, or use the spiro scratch tools to create intricate looped patterns. If your scratch sticks start to get a little dull, simply sharpen with the included emery board sharpener. This set also includes a variety of other art supplies for other creative activities. Use the 11 bold-tip Perma markers to color the included five coloring pages. If you like sketching and drawing, the eight premium core-colored pencils or twelve oil pastels are a great tool. Test out your colors on the included five sketch papers. Keep all of your supplies organized in your colorful carrying case, making it easy to take your scratch art kit anywhere creativity strikes. Keep all your supplies organized in a colorful carrying case. Includes five blank scratch sheets to create your own patterns or designs. Color and create with the 12 creamy oil pastels, eight smooth and bold premium core-colored pencils, or 11 bold-tip permanent markers. Both the pencils and pastels lay down smooth and blend with ease. Six kits per carton. Perma markers are waterproof and pigmented, perfect for a number of projects and surfaces. Use your scratch tool on the 10 included scratch art sheets with trendy designs to reveal a colorful rainbow or sparkly glitter background. Includes five coloring pages and five sketch papers to color and test your new art tools. Suitable for ages eight and up. Includes four spiro tools, two scratch sticks, and two stencils to give you plenty of options for creating your designs. Dimensions: 2. 1″H x 15. 5″W x 11″D


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