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Appointed Vengeance: Wins vs. Losses Willie Peters Author


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Appointed Vengeance: Wins vs. Losses, The Lawyer Killings series starring larger-than-life main character, Richard Blake Ginn, infamously coined the lawyer killer, is an ultra-successful automotive engineer, hot rod auto mechanic shop owner, and family man, married to his wife, Kimberly Ginn, with their young daughter together, Jessica Ginn.Richard was living the American dream until unexpectedly blindsided by his scorned and bitter wife, Kimberly, falsely accuses Richard of rape which ignites breathtaking box office adventure. A paralyzing standstill of terror, fearing copycat lawyer killings. You will want to experience again and again.After trial, Richard unleashes a diabolical plan. He does his research and creates a lawyer kill list. If a lawyer had more losses than wins in the courtroom, Richard went on a merciless thrill killing spree of lawyers.Every city in America has a Richard Blake Ginn in it. And the idea hangs by a frayed thread of snapping in the wrong individual’s mind. Just hope that your name isn’t called to represent one. The message is clear. It’s just another day at the office–or is it?Appointed Vengeance: Wins vs. Losses, The Lawyer Killings series is book 1 of a trilogy. It is an epic novel that is a lock, box office, and sheer moviemaking hit. A visually stunning and explosive storyline.


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